When our device is not functioning properly and we do not know what is wrong, is best to bring it to professionals for troubleshooting. Problem can be simple or more complex. In a situation like this knowledge is the key to pinpoint the problem so that the right action which speed up the repair process. It does not matter if it is just problem with the browser, internet or device not powering on, our friendly and experienced team is ready to diagnose the problem and offer you help to sort it out.
Often we do not realize how important is our data until it is endangered. In those moments timing is crucial. We do advice to our customers to bring the device (laptop, personal desktop, external hard drive, mobile phone) to us as quick as possible as it does increase chances of potential successful recovery. Data recovery is a very complicated and time consuming process and device may need to stay in our workshop for longer period of time and so we advice patience. Device will be assessed and appropriate action will be applied in order to recover the data. once recovered, data will be transferred to separate healthy device provided by the customer or purchased in store. Our equipped workshop and experienced stuff offer high chance of success of data recovery. We also work closely with data recovery lab which helps customer in desperate situation on both personal and business level.
One of the most common damage is a physical damage to the screen. It usually occur when force is applied toward the screen (bending, hitting, squeezing ext.) and is clearly visible on the screen in a form of artistic pattern that is deforming the image. Unfortunately there is only one solution for that problem which is part replacement. Screens for laptops come in many different sizes, shapes and connection types. It is crucial to match the right screen to replace broken part. Failing that will result in permanent damage to the device. We do offer replacement and testing. For more information contact us or come in to one of our stores for a friendly advice.
It is frustrating when our device slows down or do not work properly and most of the time cause is simple – virus. Malicious software like viruses, adware or spyware is very annoying as it does affect performance of our device and endanger our data. We offer help with removal of the threat and data backup when necessary.
It is heath braking to see our beautifully designed apple device to go wrong. We offer help bringing it back to its right condition. Our experienced engineers can repair software issues, broken screens or ports. Repair is done quickly and professionally as we do stock quality parts for those in store while offering competitive prices which makes our customers smile again.
We understand that our customers have a busy life and that is why we do offer stress free and reliable collection and return of your device. Contact us to arrange flexible and reliable pick up of your device anytime.
Getting a brand new device sure is exciting. Nova days lots of devices do require initial setup in that customize some of the devices features. If you require help with getting it going right with out hassle or stress come and ask for help and our stuff gladly serve you with help and advice. We also offer one on one lessons on how to use the device in case you trying something totally new.
Whenever you are looking to get your capacity increased, performance boosted or simply need new hard drive to replace damaged one, come and check our stock of brand new hard drives that offer you reliability and performance that you expect. We do serve with a professional advice to help you choose right part and even help you install it if required. We hold in stock new generation of solid state drives for performance enthusiast and network drives for those who love to share data with others.
One of the easiest way to increase the performance of your computer is upgrading its operation memory. Our laptops and computers hold two types of memory. One is designed to store our data like pictures, music, documents ext. and it is represented in a form of storage device like hard drive. Second type is RAM memory which aid processor in its calculations and serve as holder of “ingredients” to be cooked by processor. By adding extra amount of RAM we do increase speed of your computer when you do multiple tasks at once. Memory is the only component in the computer that has to be 100% compatible with the rest and that is why we often advice to bring the computer to our workshop for memory upgrade and compatibility testing. If you require help or advice ask one of our trained stuff member to help you decide which upgrade will suit you best.
It is uncomfortable feeling when you can not connect to the internet when you want it most and it can result in you missing something important. We do understand that and offer comprehensive help with your networking problems. Our troubleshooting will pinpoint the problem at its core and resolve it for you. Contact us for advice regarding your internet connection and we may be able to help you over the phone or in store if device itself is the cause.
We serve with our knowledge and skills to help you choose and install right broadband equipment at your household or company. Professional advice will come in handy and experienced engineer will make whole process quick and stress free. We offer on site installation of simple broadband service or entire network system for your workplace.
Flow of your work can be interrupted by misspelling or missing signs which is usually caused by faulty keyboard. We do offer repair and replacement of faulty keyboards and we deal with most common problems like missing keys, liquid damage, accidental spillage or worn out keyboard. Quick and professional replacement at our workshop will let you continue work in no time.
Often by accident we pull the cable powering our device and mostly that is no big deal but some time it will cause the damage to our charging port. Moving port and device charging only at certain position will be clear indication that there is some damage done. We recommend to bring device for repair as soon as possible due to heath and safety hazard which may occur in case of arching causing fire and serious damage. In the workshop machine will be assessed for the damage done and socked will be repaired or replaced by our experienced engineer giving you and your family a peace of mind.
If you noticed your device is getting hotter than it used to or the fan is being noisier than before, that may be indication that machine require cooling assembly service. Excessive heat and noise is caused by faulty or damaged cooling system and it will lead to drop in performance and at some point will cause irreversible damage to the device. Our workshop is equipped in the right tools to get the problem out of the way. machine will be tested for excessive heat and disassembled on workbench. Cooling system will be serviced and cleaned from dust and fan replaced if needed. Assembled machine will go through our stress test to ensure problem has been resolved.
Blue screen appear on the screen when device have to be shut down by the system to avoid damage. It can be caused by both software and hardware fault and there is many different reasons for those to happen. Diagnostic is required to specify source of the problem. When intermittent issue is the case diagnostic may take longer than usual.
When your device does not charge or turn on it could be the faulty battery. Ordering a new battery can sort out the problem but we suggest to bring your device to our workshop to ensure that this is the issue. Quite often problem is caused by faulty charger or damaged charging port. Our friendly stuff will test the device and help you with the repair or order a replacement battery for you.