Business IT

Services and Technical Support

We provide a specialist IT Technical support service for small to medium sized businesses within the UK. Our customers share access to all of the talents of our dynamic team of analysts, engineers and consultants who together provide them with everything that an IT Department provides a major corporation for a fraction of the cost.

Below is the list of services that we provide: –

On-site Support
Our Technician will go out to your site to troubleshoot, and fix any Desktop PC problems running any version of Microsoft Windows. Also, our technician will be on-site to answer any questions you might have concerning Hardware and Software applications. Please advise your users to write down any questions or possible problems and present it to the Technician. This service is paid on a yearly contract term and is available with a specific block of time per visit.

Telephone Helpdesk Support
We provide telephone support for non critical issues. You can telephone 01494-474704 during office hours, for that you just pay national rate per minute for the phone call to our live experts who will answer all your support questions to solve your PC problems.
Remote Access Support
This service is performed off-site. Your Server will email our technician the Server, Security, Proxy, IIS logs and its current status regarding memory, CPU, hard drive, and any of its internal services. Our technician will scrutinize the logs, chart the results on a daily basis and if a problem is found, we will inform you of the possible causes and appropriate remedy for it. Remote Server Monitoring is a perfect compliment to any of our other Services. Any problems, if not critical can be remedied at the scheduled time or if immediate response is needed, can be performed On-Demand.

Network Design & Installation
We design and install networks that will allow your staff to share files and printers. We can handle everything from equipment selection to cabling and configuration. We can also train your staff to use and manage your network. We can install a wireless network in situations where running cables is not cost-effective. We can integrate DSL or broadband internet access into a network. This will allow users to share a single high-speed internet connection. We have the know-how to make sure your network is secure and your data is protected. We can recommend and add file servers, print servers and digital imaging devices to a network.

Email Configuration and Security
Once you have a network in place, we can install an email system that will allow your employees, customers and vendors communicate more effectively. We can make your system to send group emails and promotions to your customers and make sure that your are protected from email spamming.

Server & PC build to budget and upgrades
We build & install high-quality, competitively-priced PCs using only premium components. Each system is tailored to your specific business requirement.
We diagnose & repair problem PCs. We will replace the defective components and restore system and application software if needed.
We can upgrade your existing PCs with more memory, disk space, a faster processor or other additional devices.

Server Support Services
Network Servers are the critical link in any Networks. They are usually the single point of failure resulting in loss of revenue, or service. Today’s complex servers require routine maintenance and monitoring to ensure consistent uptime and reliability. To help your business succeed, we can provide number of different support services specifically designed for Small and Medium sized Businesses:

– Onsite Scheduled Service Remote Server Monitoring for Small Business Server NBD (Next Business Day) On-
Demand Service Emergency, 4-Hour Priority Service – Web Designs and E-commerce
– We can develop and maintain your website. We can make it a full functional E-commerce site with shopping cart and
credit card authorization at a very reasonable cost plus domain name registration, hosting, integration and data feeding
to your website. Our developed website has a facility of updating from remote access or from your office.

We can train individuals or groups in how to use Windows as well as most popular business and productivity software. We can be your company’s “help desk”. We will answer individual users questions and handle their ad-hoc support requests.

We can install backup hardware and implement backup procedures to protect your critical  data. We can setup an automatic backup routines depending on your requirement and circumstances. We can setup fault tolerance raid systems.

Free Diagnostic Test , If you have any IT concerns we will be happy to provide you with a detailed system audit. The audit will include the following.
State of network. This will include a detailed look at the network configuration as well as recommendations to improve performance. General configuration issues. This will look at your email system and other backoffice systems, and general client configuration. Security. This will ensure you have sufficient protection from viruses and hackers. You may opt out of any part of the audit or request a more thorough inspection of any specific aspect.

Our engineers are well versed in supporting desktop and server systems for most manufacturers and are trained to support and overcome any issues with regards to your operating systems or any new applications.  i.e Microsoft, Novell etc

Please Call Computer Gallery on 01494-474704 to find out about a support package to suit the need of your business.